Arts Spaces in Surrey Boost Regional Arts & Culture

Two City of Surrey arts venues are giving a boost to arts and culture for youth in Metro Vancouver. A refurbished auto garage is now home base for a theatre company and a hip hop group, and across the street a recreation centre wall is hosting innovative large scale digital art.

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“We are going to be… encouraging emerging artists, young artists and we’re going to ask them to speak with their own voices and build their own pieces and experiment” – Ellie King

Transformed through a $250,000 renovation, Parkway Studio has been overwhelmingly welcomed by its new tenants StreetRich Hip Hop Society and The Royal Canadian Theatre Company who, until now, had been operating without a home base. “Here, we have heat, we have light, we have access, we have up-and-over doors so, we can load our scenery in and out easily. We have bathrooms,” says Ellie King, Creative Director of The Royal Canadian Theatre Company.

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The 2500 square foot space allows the not-for-profit groups to spend more time focused on developing their craft and expanding their organizations and less time scrounging up funding. Ellie King, “We are going to be doing a studio series which we couldn’t do before and so that’s going to be encouraging emerging artists, young artists and we’re going to ask them to speak with their own voices and build their own pieces and experiment.”

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“StreetRich,” says co-founder Mattias Boon, “really wants to create this home for youth, through the artistic elements of hip hop culture help youth become themselves and build capacity.”

While each of the groups is based in Surrey they organize and participate in events throughout the region. The Royal Canadian Theatre Group tour their performances across the lower mainland.

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Another City of Surrey arts initiative is UrbanScreen, across the street at Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre.  It is Canada’s largest non-commercial outdoor projection screen. Projections are curated by the Surrey Art Gallery and can be viewed by the public evenings as soon as it’s dark.

King Tide Pics Offer Snapshot of Future Sea Levels

It’s December 8th and Vancouver is experiencing a King Tide — as the sun and moon’s gravitational forces come together to create some of the highest tides of the year. It’s also a preview of what we can expect if global temperatures, and sea levels, continue to rise. To better understand the future implications, the City of Vancouver has people taking pictures… in the name of science.

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Zero Waste Conference Keynote Brings Orbital Zero Waste Perspective to The Sustainable Region

Her experience as a scientist and NASA astronaut gave Dr. Cady Coleman an orbital perspective. Now she sees our blue planet’s possibilities with a unique and hopeful viewpoint. Sharing her insights and vision for a world where people work together to accelerate the transition to a circular economy, Coleman had a positive message for the audience at the 2017 edition of Metro Vancouver’s annual Zero Waste Conference.

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New Online Tool Tracks Metro Vancouver’s Journey Toward Metro 2040 Regional Growth Strategy

Ever wondered how Metro Vancouver will accommodate growth in future years? Metro Vancouver’s forward-looking policies are encapsulated in Metro 2040, the regional growth strategy. Now a new online tool lets you understand how progress toward the five goals outlined in the strategy are being measured.

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Netherlands’ Building Innovation Captures Imaginations at 2016 Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Conference

At the 2016 Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Conference, keynote speaker Owen Zachariasse profiled his company’s Park 20|20 development; with its closed loop energy and water systems, human-centered design, and innovative construction. An condensed version of his presentation aired in Metro Vancouver as the first episode of the 2017 season of The Sustainable Region

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Caring for the Air – How Metro Vancouver’s Wood Stove Programs Reduce the Impact of Wood Smoke

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Modern units can reduce harmful particulate emissions compared to traditional stoves and fireplaces

Many people believe that wood smoke is natural and not harmful to breathe. Actually, wood smoke is made up of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and a mix of chemicals that can be hazardous to human health. Also, wood smoke is estimated to be the leading contributor of PM2.5 emissions in the region. To reduce the impacts of wood smoke on our air quality Metro Vancouver offers homeowners a cash incentive to upgrade their fireplace or wood stove.

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Chair Update – Land Use and Transportation Planning for a Livable Region

CityCentre2Over the past few weeks I’ve written a series of posts that describe the important role that transit investments play in helping us achieve our collective vision for a livable region now and in the future. Here’s a review of the key issues to keep in mind when thinking about our region’s growth and the inextricable links between transportation, land use, and quality of life.

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Chair Update – Housing + Transportation: A New Way of Thinking about Affordability

Discussions about housing affordability in our region are a regular part of life. In fact, the situation is often described as a crisis. The #donthave1million campaign on Twitter recently started in Vancouver and soon went viral, illustrating how top-of-mind housing affordability is for Metro Vancouver residents.

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