King Tide Pics Offer Snapshot of Future Sea Levels

It’s December 8th and Vancouver is experiencing a King Tide — as the sun and moon’s gravitational forces come together to create some of the highest tides of the year. It’s also a preview of what we can expect if global temperatures, and sea levels, continue to rise. To better understand the future implications, the City of Vancouver has people taking pictures… in the name of science.

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Langley Wetlands Tour Offers Unique Opportunity

The West Creek Wetlands is a 66 hectare protected Metro Vancouver regional park reserve that’s normally off limits to the public.  But twice a year, people are given a rare chance for a guided tour. It’s a unique opportunity to learn about this nature preserve and find out how limiting human access helps the at-risk species that call it home.

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Volunteer Foresters help make Vancouver a Greener City

mvconnectHover2Urban trees are part of the natural capital that protects our economic and social well-being. They buffer noise, reduce stormwater runoff, and provide habitat for wildlife. The City of Vancouver has set a goal of planting 150,000 trees by 2020. With the help of a  team of citizen foresters, this ambitious goal is closer than ever. See how training gives these volunteers the skills to help the city get greener.

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Barn Owls Get Up Close and Personal for a Helping Hand Help in Richmond’s Terra Nova Lands

Richmond Barn Owl Banding MVCU from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

href=””>mvconnectHover2 Barn owls are making the most of the Terra Nova Lands. See how nest boxes help to encourage breeding, while a banding program gives researchers a valuable tool to track and monitor the health of the owls, as the birds benefit from land use decisions.  Barn Owls in Richmond are thriving in the open spaces of Terra Nova Rural Park. The park’s long grasses create habitat for small mammals… and that means lunch for owls.  Continue reading

Don’t Feed the Animals

Don't Feed the Animals from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

It may seem like the right thing to do, but feeding wildlife brings with it a whole bunch of problems. Find out why you shouldn’t try to help Mother Nature and learn how feeding wild creatures can actually put them in danger in the long run with this video from 2006, which has valuable insights that still hold true today.

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