King Tide Pics Offer Snapshot of Future Sea Levels

It’s December 8th and Vancouver is experiencing a King Tide — as the sun and moon’s gravitational forces come together to create some of the highest tides of the year. It’s also a preview of what we can expect if global temperatures, and sea levels, continue to rise. To better understand the future implications, the City of Vancouver has people taking pictures… in the name of science.

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Carrying Fish in Backpacks to Save Salmon on the Seymour River

Seymour River Fish Trapping from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

Migrating salmon up the Seymour River get human help to make it past a massive rock slide that came down in the area in December 2014. Fish are trapped, carried in backpacks up 140+ stairs and then trucked to a hatchery to continue their lifecycle.

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Metro Vancouver Close Up – Delta Bird Strategy Takes Flight

Bird Strategy in Delta MVCU from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

A Metro Vancouver mapping project reveals that 22 per cent of the regional core is composed of sensitive ecosystems. An example of this is Delta’s wetlands, renowned as prime bird habitat.  These areas support millions of birds and now a Delta birding group has called for a strategy to protect these key areas and develop tourism through bird watching.

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Metro Vancouver Close Up Episode 10 – December 2015

Metro Vancouver Close Up Episode 10 Dec 2015 from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.


Metro Vancouver Close Up logoIn this episode of Metro Vancouver Close Up – students lead the way on school food scrap recycling programs, citizens take advantage of transportation planning workshops in Surrey, and art and bees find common ground in Richmond. Continue reading