February Episode of The Sustainable Region Profiles Local Innovators in Waste Reduction

Waste is one of the pressing issues of our time. And while recycling and composting efforts keep some materials out of our landfills, reducing waste also means going deeper, examining every part of the product life cycle, from raw materials to opportunities for re-use before disposal.  Continue reading

Metro Vancouver Close Up – Building a Better Bin in New Westminster to Tackle a Recycling Challenge

New Westminster Tests Recycling and Waste Bins MVCU from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

Metro Vancouver Close Up logoSorting recyclables becomes faster -and easier- when the information is consistent where ever you go – work, school, home and public spaces. New Westminster is working with Metro Vancouver to test out recycling bins that might become a common sight.

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Multi-Family Recycling Toolkit Provides Support to Landlords and Residents to Improve Recycling Efforts

Multi-family recycling toolkitMost people support the concepts of recycling and waste reduction. They understand the value of keeping our garbage out of landfills whenever possible. That ‘buy-in’ from residents of the region is crucial to achieving Metro Vancouver’s recycling goal of 80% by 2020. But for apartment building managers, landlords, and residents of multi-unit buildings, moving from good intentions to concrete actions can present real challenges. Metro Vancouver’s Multi-Family Recycling Toolkit is helping them find solutions.

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The Sustainable Region Episode 10 – Sewers and Bugs

The Sustainable Region Episode 10 Sewers and Bugs 2015 from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

In this episode of The Sustainable Region, we’re getting up close with bugs and blocked pipes. See how Metro Vancouver crews tackle the clogging culprit of flushable wipes to keep our pipes flowing. Plus, learn how Enterra Feed Corporation reduces organic waste at their Langley facility, by using discarded food to feed black soldier flies, producing animal feed and fertilizer. (16 min)

Circular Economy Innovation the Focus for April 29 Sustainability Dialogue Livestream Event


Want to learn more about the circular economy and how industry and government are fostering growth for this transformative concept? Don’t miss Metro Vancouver’s Sustainability Dialogue on April 29th. It’s your opportunity to hear from some leading experts on this trending topic. You can attend in person (registration information below), or watch via livestream from 8am to 10am.

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