Metro Vancouver monitors recreational water quality

Metro Vancouver has started its annual testing of bacteria levels in the region’s swimming and selected non-swimming beaches. Samples are collected and tested daily from May to September and less frequently outside this period. Health authorities will use the results to determine whether the beaches are safe for recreational use or if they should post notices to inform users of a possible risk. Continue reading

Metro Vancouver Worked With Craft Breweries to Create Wastewater Rules for a Growing Industry

The region’s craft beer industry is booming, but microbreweries and other fermentation operations add significant quantities of liquid waste to the region’s the sewage system. Metro Vancouver sought input from craft breweries for a new bylaw that protects the environment and infrastructure, while supporting this growing industry.

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Metro Vancouver Close Up – Wastewater Research Collaboration Builds Knowledge

Annacis Research Centre Collaboration MVCU from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

Metro Vancouver’s goal to use wastewater as a resource prompted the creation of the Annacis Research Centre. The Centre provides access to wastewater where several local researcher teams are set up, helping push exciting discoveries forward.

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Metro Vancouver Close Up – Richmond Delivers Energy and Reduces Emissions with an Underground Approach

Richmond District Energy MVCU from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

Metro Vancouver Close Up logo

The city of Richmond has a goal to reduce carbon emissions by 30% by 2020, while also following regional recommendations to densify city centres. How to simultaneously deliver energy to a growing population while reducing emissions? The answer is underground, in Metro Vancouver’s sewer system.

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The Sustainable Region Episode 10 – Sewers and Bugs

The Sustainable Region Episode 10 Sewers and Bugs 2015 from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

In this episode of The Sustainable Region, we’re getting up close with bugs and blocked pipes. See how Metro Vancouver crews tackle the clogging culprit of flushable wipes to keep our pipes flowing. Plus, learn how Enterra Feed Corporation reduces organic waste at their Langley facility, by using discarded food to feed black soldier flies, producing animal feed and fertilizer. (16 min)