Burnaby Celebrates Environment Week

Burnaby Environment Week is a week long program of environmentally-themed community activities held in early June hosted by the City of Burnaby and community partners. This year’s events were held June 2 to 10, 2018 and included a Still Creek Watershed Bicycle Tour and a Mandarin Language Nature Tour of Burnaby Lake Regional Park.  Continue reading

Arts Spaces in Surrey Boost Regional Arts & Culture

Two City of Surrey arts venues are giving a boost to arts and culture for youth in Metro Vancouver. A refurbished auto garage is now home base for a theatre company and a hip hop group, and across the street a recreation centre wall is hosting innovative large scale digital art.

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“We are going to be… encouraging emerging artists, young artists and we’re going to ask them to speak with their own voices and build their own pieces and experiment” – Ellie King

Transformed through a $250,000 renovation, Parkway Studio has been overwhelmingly welcomed by its new tenants StreetRich Hip Hop Society and The Royal Canadian Theatre Company who, until now, had been operating without a home base. “Here, we have heat, we have light, we have access, we have up-and-over doors so, we can load our scenery in and out easily. We have bathrooms,” says Ellie King, Creative Director of The Royal Canadian Theatre Company.

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The 2500 square foot space allows the not-for-profit groups to spend more time focused on developing their craft and expanding their organizations and less time scrounging up funding. Ellie King, “We are going to be doing a studio series which we couldn’t do before and so that’s going to be encouraging emerging artists, young artists and we’re going to ask them to speak with their own voices and build their own pieces and experiment.”

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“StreetRich,” says co-founder Mattias Boon, “really wants to create this home for youth, through the artistic elements of hip hop culture help youth become themselves and build capacity.”

While each of the groups is based in Surrey they organize and participate in events throughout the region. The Royal Canadian Theatre Group tour their performances across the lower mainland.

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Another City of Surrey arts initiative is UrbanScreen, across the street at Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre.  It is Canada’s largest non-commercial outdoor projection screen. Projections are curated by the Surrey Art Gallery and can be viewed by the public evenings as soon as it’s dark.

Zero Waste Conference Keynote Brings Orbital Zero Waste Perspective to The Sustainable Region

Her experience as a scientist and NASA astronaut gave Dr. Cady Coleman an orbital perspective. Now she sees our blue planet’s possibilities with a unique and hopeful viewpoint. Sharing her insights and vision for a world where people work together to accelerate the transition to a circular economy, Coleman had a positive message for the audience at the 2017 edition of Metro Vancouver’s annual Zero Waste Conference.

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Netherlands’ Building Innovation Captures Imaginations at 2016 Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Conference

At the 2016 Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Conference, keynote speaker Owen Zachariasse profiled his company’s Park 20|20 development; with its closed loop energy and water systems, human-centered design, and innovative construction. An condensed version of his presentation aired in Metro Vancouver as the first episode of the 2017 season of The Sustainable Region

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Reconciliation in the Region

Orange Shirt Day MVCU from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

Several individuals line up to wash their bodies with a smudge of smoke. They are preparing to go on a walk that is only a few blocks long through East Vancouver, but in fact is part of a much longer road. It is Orange Shirt Day, one of several events emphasizing the memory and effects of Canadian Residential Schools on indigenous people.

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Multi-Family Recycling Toolkit Provides Support to Landlords and Residents to Improve Recycling Efforts

Multi-family recycling toolkitMost people support the concepts of recycling and waste reduction. They understand the value of keeping our garbage out of landfills whenever possible. That ‘buy-in’ from residents of the region is crucial to achieving Metro Vancouver’s recycling goal of 80% by 2020. But for apartment building managers, landlords, and residents of multi-unit buildings, moving from good intentions to concrete actions can present real challenges. Metro Vancouver’s Multi-Family Recycling Toolkit is helping them find solutions.

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Industry and Local Government Build on Success with Green Construction Innovations in Metro Vancouver

Green Buildings Vancouver from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

MVCU logo for blogGreen construction techniques are advancing in our region, largely through the efforts of industry and civic leaders. See how the trend is delivering innovative new buildings and why our construction choices can impact carbon emissions for decades.

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