Waste Ambassadors Help Sort It Right in Port Coquitlam

 Two Port Coquitlam staff are out early in the morning conducting an audit of recycling bins lined up for collection. It’s part of a larger project tackling the contamination rate of recycling materials.

“We do this so we can see what people are having issues with and if they’re being successful”, says waste ambassador Mahdis Araujo.  “If there are issues that we can work on then we can provide the resources and education. We really need to reduce our contamination rate so that’s our biggest concern.”

It is part of Port Coquitlam’s year-long emphasis on improving sorting and cleanliness of recycling materials so that the loads delivered to recycling facilities are deemed acceptable.

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Other strategies include presentations to stratas and apartments, where contamination in the recycling stream is a particular challenge.  “Often what it takes for success is a champion inside a community. It sort of keeps everybody in line,” adds Araujo.

The Waste Ambassadors are also educating and chatting with residents at community events.

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