Art at Work in New Westminster

Until July 2018, artist Molly Marineau will be creating art aimed at raising awareness about recycling and re-use. To get inspired, she’s hanging out among the utility and waste trucks and crews of New Westminster’s Works Yard.

“My inspiration for doing this kind of art is found materials,” she explains while examining a macaroni box she has pulled from the paper bin at the City’s Recycling Depot.  “It tells a story about people’s day, where it came from, where it is going.”

New Westminster Arts Coordinator Biliana Velkova is excited about the new waste-themed artist-in-residency program, developed together with Engineering Operations. Later in 2018 a second artist will focus on textiles, which comprise about 5% of  total waste.

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Councillor Mary Trentadue points out, “By interweaving public art and creativity into something that isn’t always considered that exciting, maybe we can get people thinking about it more.  If you can attach something kind of unusual or unique to something that is a bit mundane, perhaps people will be able to pay more attention to the fact that recycling is a real important issue.”

In February Molly hadn’t yet developed her art piece but expects it to be interactive.  “So the public can go in and manipulate and interact with the art” she explains.

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Considering common waste materials as resources comes easily for Molly. For example she sees plastic bags as source material for knitting, balloons, or building blocks.

Recycling supervisor Kristian Davis is eager to see what will emerge and pleased to  support it through his department. “We need to look at all opportunities to reach out to the public and engage people whether it is structured like a recycling calendar or the softer approach that we are taking with this project”.

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