Burnaby’s Waterwise Pool Project

As part of the Metro Vancouver We ♥ Water campaign, the City of Burnaby’s popular Bonsor Recreation Complex initiated a Shorter Showers Challenge to help conserve water with the goal to reduce showering times at the pool by 75%.

The display features 4-litre jugs arranged in two stacks; one small which illustrates water used in a 4 minute shower and another larger structure depicting 20-minutes worth of showering.

A pool patron exits the change room and a campaign staff person asks, “Did you see our timers in there?” She shows a 5-minute sand timer that can suction onto a shower wall.   Campaign Coordinator Shannon Cooper of Turn Leaf Consulting explains how it works. “We’ve put timers, like a little egg timer, that they can flip over that is a five minute duration,” she said. “They can use it to time themselves and hopefully beat the timer.”

City of Burnaby’s Environmental Services Officer Darseen Pooni points out that one water source serves both showering and drinking water needs. “The City of Burnaby wants residents to be mindful of water consumption to ensure there is adequate drinking water throughout the year. Especially around summer months, the demand for water is significantly high.”

BC Hydro also partnered in the campaign to deliver the message that shorter showers also reduce hot water energy needs, as part of their conservation program aimed at municipal facilities.

In 2015, low-flow shower heads were installed at the Bonsor Recreation Complex and Burnaby staff wanted to continue improving water and energy reductions. The response was this shorter shower awareness campaign with a goal of reducing average showering times by about 75 per cent. Visit the City of Burnaby for more information about water conservation, including tips for inside and outside the home.

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