New Online Tool Tracks Metro Vancouver’s Journey Toward Metro 2040 Regional Growth Strategy

Ever wondered how Metro Vancouver will accommodate growth in future years? Metro Vancouver’s forward-looking policies are encapsulated in Metro 2040, the regional growth strategy. Now a new online tool lets you understand how progress toward the five goals outlined in the strategy are being measured.

Metro Vancouver 2040: Shaping our Future (Metro 2040) is the region’s blueprint for guiding the region’s growth in a positive and productive way. It’s been six years since Metro 2040 was adopted and the data collected so far is beginning to show progress towards the ambitions outlined in the strategy. Now Metro Vancouver has launched a new website to help the public and other stakeholders understand these key metrics of growth in our region.

From directing growth to ‘Urban Centres’ and encouraging sustainable transportation choices, to protecting agricultural and industrial lands and preparing for climate change impacts, the strategies in Metro 2040 are designed to preserve Metro Vancouver as a livable region while supporting a diverse and resilient economy.  Follow the journey and see the data at to learn how we are working to:

  1. Create a compact urban area
  2. Support a sustainable economy
  3. Protect the Environment and Respond to Climate Change Impacts
  4. Develop Complete Communities
  5. Support Sustainable Transportation Choices

Visit our video gallery to see more stories showcasing how Metro Vancouver is advancing sustainability and regional goals.

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