Port Moody focuses on walkability and easy access to transit

Port Moody Land Use MVCU from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

With the growth of rapid transit around Metro Vancouver, multiple transit hubs are developing in cities like Port Moody. 

Access to public transit allows people to get around without relying on cars, which reduces pollution and congestion. Port Moody residents are sharing their thoughts on how to maximize the land around the Evergreen SkyTrain Line’s two new stations, while retaining small town charm.

Port Moody Mayor Mike ClayMike Clay is Mayor of Port Moody. “We’re going through a fair bit of growth, from about 35 thousand to about 50 thousand people over the next 20 years,” he said. “Port Moody has changed from a mill town to being more of an urban core.” Mayor Clay sees it as an opportunity for Port Moody to be a hub for the Tri-Cities and the Metro Vancouver region.

“If you take the broader neighborhood of Moody Centre there is only about nine hundred to a thousand properties down there total and this is an area that has a SkyTrain station and a West Coast Express station so we are really looking at bringing up the density there with both job-providing commercial density and residential density.”

Mayor Clay says the Moody Centre and Inlet Centre SkyTrain stations are changing the landscape of their surrounding neighborhoods. “We have an area like Coronation Park and an area like Moody Centre that are right on top of SkyTrain stations ripe for redevelopment and rebirth.”

Port Moody City Council is working with residents to transform these older neighborhoods with Transit Oriented Developments that are focused on walkability and easy access to transit.

Integrating land use and transportation planning to help get people out of their cars, support the safe and efficient movement of goods and people, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions is a key component in Metro Vancouver’s regional growth strategy, Metro Vancouver 2040: Shaping Our Future.  The strategy represents the collective vision for how our region is going to accommodate the 1 million people and over 500,000 jobs that are expected to come to the region in the next 25 years.

Port Moody has proven the success of transit oriented development in their neighbourhoods of Newport Village and Sutter Brooke. “We’ve won awards for Newport Village,” said Mayor Clay. “We are trying to make all of Port Moody award winning so that people want to come and live here because we are very much in the geographic centre of Metro Vancouver.”

The Mayor has heard from residents who want to maintain the small town feel to the city. “What we tell people is the small town charm doesn’t come from how tall your buildings are or how dense it is,” he said. “It comes from how we treat each other and how we interact as a city. If we can keep that community spirit alive then people will say we’re still the same city we were, just even better.”

Learn more about the Moody Centre Station Transit-oriented Development Plan and the Coronation Park Neighbourhood Plan.

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