February Episode of The Sustainable Region Profiles Local Innovators in Waste Reduction

Waste is one of the pressing issues of our time. And while recycling and composting efforts keep some materials out of our landfills, reducing waste also means going deeper, examining every part of the product life cycle, from raw materials to opportunities for re-use before disposal. 

In this episode of The Sustainable Region we profile local innovators exploring the issue of waste all along the supply chain, including:

  • The woman who overcame the stigma of ‘secondhand’ to build a thriving clothing business
  • The company transforming disposable bamboo chopsticks into beautiful objects
  • A project to capture greenhouse gases coming from cows and turn it into renewable energy
  • A group of committed volunteers reviving the lost art of repairs
  • The pop-up shop getting rid of the waste that comes with grocery shopping.

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