Green Necklace Path and Spirit Trail Connect North Van Neighbourhoods

City of North Vancouver Tackles GHG Emissions MVCU from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

Metro Vancouver member City of North Vancouver is addressing climate change with several programs advancing non-polluting forms of transportation, like the Green Necklace, a paved trail that circles North Van’s central Lonsdale area.

“It’s a 4 m wide path circling 7.5 km around our city,” explains Mayor Darrell Mussatto of City of North Vancouver. “It connects high schools, shopping, and rec centres and gives people an alternative to their automobile.”screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-2-11-33-pm

Users of the Green Necklace will come across whimsical pavement stencils such as dinosaurs and stick-figure families, created by artist Mia Wienberg. “I wanted to help people connect to their neighbours,” she comments. “When they’re out on a walk maybe they say to someone, ‘oh look at this’, and then they talk to their neighbours.”


Mayor Mussatto has been on the trail and liked what he saw. “I thought it was really neat, and I’ve heard other people comment that they love it. It really gets people out and exercising.”

Work is also underway on another paved path, the Spirit Trail, which will eventually connect Horseshoe Bay to Deep Cove. This final and perhaps most challenging section will go through Mosquito creek marina –but it cannot affect the operation of the boat lift.

Mussatto explains that the innovative design has the path going under the boat lift, beneath the water line with little portholes to look into the water, and that the cost is about six million dollars.


Finally, a third initiative targets drivers with a gentle reminder at the gas pump. A civic bylaw now requires climate information stickers to be on all local gas pumps. They deliver messages about how fossil fuels contribute to climate change and provide tips about energy efficient driving techniques.

Metro Vancouver supports its members in reducing greenhouse gas emissions with a variety of programs and data such as the regional climate projections report.


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