Surrey Upgrades to LED Street Lights

Surrey LED Streetlights MVCU from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

Surrey is one of the first cities in Canada to embark on a full conversion of street lighting to LED. The high efficiency and life expectancy of LED lights will result in about $1 million in annual savings in reduced power consumption and maintenance costs.

The City of Surrey is fast becoming a leader in sustainability.  Jaime Boan, Surrey’s Transportation Division Manager describes how they’re starting to ‘lighten up’ Newton City Centre. “We are going to be replacing 28,000 high pressure sodium street lights with LED lights over a five year period,” he said. “The first year we will do 7000 starting in our city center in North Surrey.”

Successful Pilot Project

Surrey bus stopPhilip Aguirre is Executive Director of the Newton Business Improvement Association, a supporter of initiative. “We are definitely a proponent for the LED street light replacement program; we have been a part of it for quite a while. We were part of the pilot project that happened at the bus loop initially to see the feedback on the LED lights.

Mike Starchuk, City of Surrey Councillor describes how the pilot project made it easier to see and be seen at the bus stop. “People standing there in the evening with a newspaper, the light was cleaner and easier to see,” he said. “They took the pilot and moved it from 138th all the way to King George Boulevard and the feedback that they got was phenomenal.”

Lower Cost, Longer Life

LED wideThe first phase of LED replacements has begun, starting at 137th street and 72nd Avenue in Surrey. Jaime Boan is already anticipating the benefits from the switch. “There are a number of advantages to the LED lights. The first is the lower cost; because there is such a lower energy consumption we save a million dollars a year on power with the LED lights,” he said. “They last about 15 to 20 years as compared to five years with the previous lights we were using.”

Less Waste, Better Safety

LED parking lotThe longer life of the LED lighting compared to the sodium street lights also reduces waste as the old light bulbs had to be changed every five years. The quality of the LED light is important too, according to Boan. “It provides a very natural light without dark and light patches, so it’s better for safety for pedestrians and drivers,” he said. The interior components of the LED fixtures are accessible and replaceable for easier maintenance. The lamps also allow for future technology additions like remote control light dimming or Wi-Fi communication.

Visit the City of Surrey LED Street Light Pilot Project for more information.

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