Barnston Maple Ridge Water Pump Station Officially Opens

The opening of the Barnston Maple Ridge Pump Station marks the completion of a major piece of infrastructure that is now providing drinking water to growing municipalities.

BMRPS pumpsAfter almost three years of construction, Metro Vancouver’s new Barnston Maple Ridge water pumping station officially opened June 15, 2016. One of the largest in BC, it uses six horsepower pumps to move more than 350 million litres of water per day serving Maple Ridge, Township of Langley, City of Langley and Surrey.

City of North Vancouver Mayor Darrell Mussatto is Chair of Metro Vancouver Utilities Committee. “This is a really important part of our system,” he said. “It’s going to ensure that at all times during the year we can have high quality, good pressure water to areas in Maple Ridge, Langley and Surrey. It’s a critical part of our infrastructure and we’re really happy to have it now online.”

BMRPS toastAt the opening event Mayors and dignitaries raised their glasses for a celebratory toast to clean drinking water in Metro Vancouver, and then went on a tour of the state-of-the-art facility. Each station on the tour featured a Metro Vancouver employee whose knowledge comes first hand from working on the project.

Percy Yu is a Metro Vancouver Senior Project Engineer. “Each pump can pump 68 million litres a day at 80 metres water pressure,” he said. “For comparison, one pump can fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool in about one hour. Your regular garden hose would take roughly 45 days to accomplish the same feat.”

Only a fence stands between the people who live here, and the pump station. A major component of the project was to consult with the neighbours, to make sure the new building was the best possible fit. The extensive consultation process enabled residents to provide input and advice throughout the design process.

BMRPS green roofMetro Vancouver Board Chair, Greg Moore describes the design’s end result. “We have yards that back onto a major utility building,” he said. “But we put a green roof in, which slopes, and we made sure we looked after vibration and sound to ensure that this large building will work with the neighbourhood.”

And just because the pump station is a major utility facility doesn’t mean it had to adhere to a particular look. “We made this control room round in shape and we also chose a blue Swiss pearl metal cladding that would remind everyone that this is a water facility,” said Raymond Eng, Metro Vancouver Lead Senior Engineer. “And so we had people think this was a swimming pool, a community centre or an ice rink and even TransLink’s newest SkyTrain Station.”

The construction of the pump station cost $46.5 million dollars and provided 328 person years of direct and indirect employment.  The Barnston Maple Ridge Pump Station is expected to provide clean drinking water to Metro Vancouver’s growing communities well into the next century.

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