Somerset Garden Residents Reap Benefits of Community and Sharing through Garden Plots and Harvest Boxes

Somerset Gardens from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

With more people living in condos, apartments, and townhouses, not everyone has a backyard to call their own. And some people struggle to manage the physical demands of gardening. But around the region, community gardens are filling those gaps. One great example is at Somerset Gardens in Surrey. The residents welcome the opportunity to grow their own food. But, they also reap another valuable harvest, in the friendships that bloom where the seeds of community are planted.

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Reducing Water Demand and Feeding the Bees with Local Species, Water Wise Techniques, and a Unique Lawn

Sustainable Gardens from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

Encouraging sustainable gardening choices is the goal of Metro Vancouver’s new Grow Green Guide – which offers local plant recommendations and eco-friendly gardening ideas. Reducing the demand on our water supply is a part of the plan. This water wise strategy is being embraced by municipalities, commercial landscapers, educators, and individual homeowners.

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