Caring for the Air – Thinking Globally, Measuring Locally

Metro Air Quality monitoring stations

Air Quality Monitoring Stations in the Lower Fraser Valley Airshed

It is often said about garbage that it can’t be thrown ‘away’, because there is no ‘away’. What’s meant by this expression is that our planet is a closed system. We are responsible for our waste and pollutants and we should deal with what we create. Nowhere is this more true than in our atmosphere, a resource shared by all. Metro Vancouver and partners continue to work on improving our air quality and protecting our climate, to benefit both our region and other parts of the world. Here’s some of the ways we do it.

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Metro Vancouver Close Up – Green is the New Black at Eco-Fashion Week

Eco Fashion Week MVCU from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

Metro Vancouver Close Up logoMetro Vancouver wants to reduce thousands of pounds of textiles going to local landfills each year, so we joined Eco-Fashion week to discover local fashion designers finding innovative ways to minimize waste. The results are profitable and eye catching.

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