Metro Vancouver Close Up – Surrey Celebrates Earth Day with a Party For the Planet

Surrey Party for Planet MVCU from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

Metro Vancouver Close Up logoSurrey celebrates Earth Day in style with Party for the Planet. A full range of activities includes education sessions, entertainment, and an opportunity for the city to showcase environmental efforts such as the long-range tree canopy strategy.

At Surrey’s new city hall square and library there is a party with a sustainable theme happening.

“We are here to celebrate Earth Day,” explains Preeti Yadav, the City of Surrey’s Special Events Coordinator. “We have ton’s of environmentally friendly initiatives that the city does, so we’re here to showcase what Surrey is all about .”

2015 is the fifth year that Surrey has hosted this festival for its growing population, now at about 508,000 people.

Focus on Environment and Entertainment

“Let’s just call it an environmental mall.” says Surrey councillor Mike Starchuck. “We have all these agencies here who will teach you what you want to know about environmental topics and at the same time we have entertainment to draw people in.”

The event itself had on-site recycling and composting.

“We are hoping to divert 95 to 98% of what would end up in the landfill,” says Yadav.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 11.30.16 AMNew Facilities Showcased

Surrey also highlighted their upcoming compost facility, which will create biofuels for Surrey’s fleet vehicles.

“It will be the first closed-loop system in all of North America,” notes Starchuck.

The city’s urban canopy strategy was another topic showcased at Party for the Planet.

Ambitious Urban Tree Goals

“If a tree does come down,” says Starchuck, “we are putting two up in its place, so twenty years from now the city has a larger tree canopy than it does today.”

By the end of the day, everyone in the family had learned something about sustainability, thanks to the wide-ranging exhibits.

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