Caring for the Air – Emotive Campaign Offers a Unique Perspective on the Electric Vehicle Experience

Emotive Surrey Campaign MVCU from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

Although electric vehicles (EVs), such as the Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf, and BMW i3, now number almost 1,000 in the Lower Fraser Valley area and 1,400 across BC, awareness of these cars is still very low. Only half of Canadians know anything about EVs. The Emotive campaign aims to change this.

In June 2014, Metro Vancouver and its partners launched an awareness campaign called Emotive: The Electric Vehicle Experience across the region and province. The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) in BC. With zero emissions at the tailpipe, and significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions, improving Metro Vancouver’s air quality is a key reason to support the uptake of this technology.

A Focus on the EV Experience
emotive at vegexpo

Emotive kicked off the 2015 summer event season on May 31 at VegExpo in Vancouver

Emotive is taking a unique approach to get people excited about EVs – focusing on the personal experience of driving and owning an EV, rather than on facts and figures or technical myth-busting (although we do a little of this too). Automakers have known for years that most car-buyers base their decisions on emotion, rather than logic, so Emotive emphasizes the experience of driving electric, from the immediate power and performance of the electric motor, to the delight in driving by the gas pump in a zero-emission vehicle.

Coming Soon to an Event Near You
emotive at blueridge

Metro Vancouver’s Electric Smart Car leads the parade at the Blueridge Good Neighbor Day, June 7

Events are the bread and butter of the Emotive campaign. They allow members of the public to sit in the driver’s seat, pop the hood (where there happens to be no engine) and marvel at the missing tailpipe. Sometimes, Emotive will deliver events involving a test drive component, offering the actual EV driving experience. Often, Emotive has EV owners (known as Emotive Ambassadors) at events to share their personal experience of being gas station-free.


Emotive will be at a number of community events throughout the region in the coming months including:

  • June 24: Make Music Vancouver, Gastown, Vancouver
  • June 27: Walnut Grove Family Day, Township of Langley
  • July 1: Surrey’s Canada Day Celebration, Cloverdale Amphitheatre, City of Surrey
  • July 18: Electrafest, Concord Pacific Place, Vancouver
  • July 19: Aldergrove Fair Days, Township of Langley
  • September 19-20: Country Celebration, Campbell Valley Regional Park, Township of Langley

Drop by, ask questions, check out the cars and grab some swag!

Expanding the Emotive Online Presence

emotive facebook pageIn addition to events, Emotive is expanding its online presence. As well as the existing Facebook presence, the campaign is adding Instagram to its social media offerings. Through these platforms, Emotive shares interesting articles, announcements about Emotive contests and events, and offers people a way to share their Emotive experience with their social networks. You can get involved at:

Want to learn more about Emotive and electric vehicles?

Visit the Emotive website:

Find out how to get a rebate on a new electric vehicle:

Discover the locations of electric vehicle charging stations:

Watch the video:

For more information about the Emotive campaign, please contact Eve Hou at 604-451-6625.


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