Metro Vancouver Close Up – Doing Good and Making Money Focus of Green Collar Career Conference

Metro Vancouver Close Up logoPersonal prosperity and a commitment to sustainability aren’t merely compatible. In fact, taking an eco-friendly approach to employment offers very real prospects for job seekers. Learn why students from across Metro Vancouver spent their Saturday exploring the opportunities available in the green economy.

green collar conferenceAbout 150 students from Grades 10 – 12 attended a conference on Saturday, February 14, aimed at introducing them to what’s been dubbed “the green economy.” These are economic initiatives that promote sustainable development without harming the environment.

“Basically the day is these young people get to go from table to table and they have five sessions to touch, feel, see a career in the green economy,” explains Fiona Zawadzki, an educational consultant for the Green Bricks Education Society.

Mentors Offer Real World Insights

Green Collar 3Each table has a mentor who is already working in the green sector. Troy Glasner is president of the e3 Eco Group, a sustainability consulting firm working with developers and engineering firms.

“I chose to participate in this event because i was in grade ten and grade eleven as well, and unfortunately when I was in grade eleven or at their age, I didn’t have this opportunity, I didn’t have this experience,” says Glasner. “It took me thirty years to figure out what I wanted to do, so honestly, if I can help one of these children figure out what they want to do, I’ve done my job.”

Environmental Protection Efforts Helping Green Sector Thrive

Surrey recycling facilityRecycling facilities are part of the region’s growing green business sector. Metro Vancouver’s waste management policies and tipping fees help support them, as do the Metro Vancouver air quality regulations which drive green innovation and business.


Follow the Green Path to a Career in a Growing Industry

“Green jobs are going to be doubling in the next ten years in BC,” says Zawadzki. “It really is one of the biggest growing sectors that we have in BC, so everything from renewable energy to all of the things that we need to do to help the planet are really exciting opportunities for students as well.”

mentor and studentsThe students see the green economy as a way to incorporate their commitment to a sustainable lifestyle into their professional realm. The conference gives them a chance to start thinking about how they will do that, before they enter the full-time workforce.

Green Bricks hopes to put on this free event every year, with continued funding help from many organizations, including Metro Vancouver and some of its member municipalities.

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  1. […] Personal prosperity and a commitment to sustainability aren’t merely compatible. In fact, taking an eco-friendly approach to employment offers very real prospects for job seekers. Learn why students from across Metro Vancouver spent their Saturday exploring the opportunities available in the green economy. (link to individual story) […]

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