Metro Vancouver Close Up – Episode 2, February 2015

Metro Vancouver Close Up logoIn this episode, building rain gardens in Delta with the help of Streamkeepers, how car sharing fits into Richmond’s official community plan, and harnessing the power of GIS systems in the District of North Vancouver for environmental protection.

Delta Rain Gardens Put Precipitation On Slow Road to the Ocean

Delta Rain garden exampleRain Gardens capture and clean rainwater and keep runoff  from going straight into storm sewers. In Delta, they are being created with the collaboration of the municipality and volunteers, in locations ranging from parking lots to schools.
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Richmond Embraces Transportation Innovation with Car Sharing

Richmond is the latest Metro Vancouver municipality to embrace the car sharing trend. Learn why this transportation innovation supports the city’s official community plan and regional priorities for transportation and mobility.
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District of North Vancouver’s Geoweb Puts GIS in Many Hands

Geoweb mobile appThe District of North Vancouver’s Geoweb application is proving to be a useful tool for the public and city staff. Find out why everyone from the mayor to solar panel installers are using Geoweb to harness the power of geographic information systems.
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