Car Sharing Comes to Richmond as Municipalities Embrace Transportation Innovations

Metro Vancouver Close Up logoRichmond is the latest Metro Vancouver municipality to embrace the car sharing trend. Learn why this transportation innovation supports the city’s official community plan and regional priorities for transportation and mobility.

Little cars like these may now be spotted more often in Richmond thanks to a car sharing company’s recent expansion there. It’s a direct result of the City’s strategies to reduce greenhouse gasses.

“We have a number of different initiatives, but it all comes together in the official community plan, where we talk about sustainability in general,” explains Richmond mayor Malcom Brodie. “On the car share side of things we talk about the fact that that we want to support the car share program.”

Metro Vancouver Study Finds Car Sharing Growing Fast

Those clearly stated goals helped steer city staff to aid the company in finding suitable public parking spaces.

Mayor Malcolm Brodie“We want to encourage cars to be all over the city so the people can conveniently make use of them,” says Brodie.

Metro Vancouver has published a car share study which outlines local car share trends and statistics.

“Car sharing has been growing leaps and bounds over the past 10 years, says Raymond Kan, a regional planner for Metro Vancouver. “There are 3 car share operators in the region today, with well over 60,000 members and about 1,000 vehicles. (The) Metro Vancouver Car share study provides timely and up to date information to the municipalities and communities that are anticipating car sharing coming to their communities.”

Sharing Innovation Helps Region Get Closer to Transporation Goals

Kan points out that car sharing reflects transportation goals that all Metro Vancouver cities have agreed to.

reserving a car2goAs the region moves forward with accommodating an additional million people in the region in urban Centres, the building blocks of mobility will comprise transit, carpooling, walking, cycling and potentially car share, as demonstrated by our study.”

“It certainly is part of a regional plan where we have specific sustainability goals as a region,” says Brodie. “It all feeds into that and it is all for the good.”

With Richmond’s 50 new car share parking spaces, and information now at hand for other municipalities, car sharing is picking up speed!

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