‘Metro Vancouver 101’ Offers Municipal Politicians a Crash Course in Regional Roles and Initiatives

Metro Vancouver Close Up logoFor newly-elected and returning municipal politicians, the Council of Councils held last December, after local municipal elections, is a chance to meet key Metro Vancouver personnel and gain a deeper understanding of the role the organization plays throughout the region.

For those that are new it’s kind of a ‘Metro 101’,” says Metro Vancouver board chair Greg Moore, “going through all the different functions that we do. For those that are coming back we bring them up to date on some of the major projects that we’re doing as well.”

Metro Vancouver CAO and Commissioner Carol MasonCAO and Commissioner Carol Mason sees the meeting as a chance to let local politicians know Metro Vancouver is there to help.

“My key message was to emphasize to all of the member municipalities that we as Metro Vancouver staff are there as their staff.”

City of White Rock councillor David Chesney came away from the meeting very satisfied.

“I thought the session today was incredibly informative for someone like myself that’s just trying to get their feet on the ground and figure out the lay of the land. ”

head table grouDiscussion ranged from the nuts and bolts of facilities maintenance and management to the importance of Metro Vancouver’s collective governance structure.

The learning experience only whetted the appetite of City of Richmond councillor Carol Day.

City of Richmond councillor Carol Day“It’s been amazing today, I’ve really enjoyed it I learned a lot and I suspect they’re going to be sorry they left their phone numbers on the brochures, because I will be sending my follow up questions! There’s so much I want to know. ”

“it’s not an us them relationship,” emphasizes Carol Mason. “It really is a united organization where we are all partners in delivering services on behalf of the entire region.”


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