New Bicycle Parking Facility At Main Street Skytrain Part of Translink’s Long Term Transportation Strategy

mvconnectHover2With ambitious goals for transit, walking, and cycling, Translink hopes to minimize congestion on Metro Vancouver roads. One step in that direction is a new bicycle parking facility designed to make it easier to travel using a multi-modal approach.

At a recent cycling conference in North Vancouver, Bob Paddon, Translink Executive Vice President, Strategic Planning and Public Affairs, stated an ambitious idea.

Bob Paddon At Veloworks ConferenceAmbitious Goal for 2045
“We have set a target for this region to try to ensure that by 2045, 50% of all trips are by walking, cycling, or public transportation.”

Paddon pointed out that while cycling represents a very small portion of Translink’s budget, it has the potential for a big payback.

“The benefits of cycling are quite significant, there’s health benefits,  there’s air quality, greenhouse gas reductions, so we think it’s a very worthwhile investment and an important part of our transportation strategy for the future.”

Spirit Trail signageGrowing Support for Cycling Infrastructure
The conference, called Veloworks, featured North Vancouver’s improvements to bicycle infrastructure, including presentations by the mayors of both the city and the district. According to conference organizers, the appetite for cycling amenities on the North Shore is an example of growing support for a better bicycle network around the region.

“When I started on this work 24 years ago there was not a lot of people cycling around,” says Richard Campbell, president of the BC Cycling Coalition. “We had to find our way around the city, there wasn’t bike routes on the residential streets. But in the last four five years I’ve noticed the boom of people cycling with their children so I think that is a good step forward.”

Main Street Skytrain bike parkingBike Parking At Skytrain Station
Translink’s latest bike-friendly initiative is to open a new state-of-the-art bicycle lockup at the Main Street Skytrain Station.  It provides secure storage for 86 bicycles, four times more than previously available. And it’s just a dollar a day, to a maximum of eight dollars a month.

“It’s those kind of amenities that you put into place that make it a lot easier for people to think about making a bike part of their trip,” explains Paddon.

“It’s starting to come along,” says Campbell. “We’re seeing the pockets of success, and now the goal is to expand those around the region and in communities so people can go from anywhere to anywhere, using a bicycle.”

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