Emotive Campaign Raises Awareness of Electric Cars

mvconnectHover2Electric cars are gaining in popularity because they are efficient, low-emission, and fun to drive. Now the City of Surrey is helping encourage their use throughout Metro Vancouver, with the Emotive awareness campaign and a host of new plug-in stations to encourage their use.

At the Vancouver Jazz fest electric cars are causing a buzz at the Emotive tent.

“So the purpose of Emotive and the campaign is to bring the excitement around electric vehicle,” explains program coordinator Charlotte Argue.  “We’re launching at the jazzfest today is our launch and we have a couple of cars here. the leaf and the i3.”

The goal of the Emotive program is show the public how much fun Electric Vehicles are as well as their practical benefits.

“Emotive is all about raising awareness of electric vehicles,” says Erin Desautels, Sustainability Coordinator for the City of Surrey. “They are a great new technology to get people here to there in a sustainable way in Metro Vancouver. By checking out Facebook and the website they are going to learn about what make EV’s such a good choice for Vancouverites. That includes how fun they are to drive, lowering emissions and smart energy use, how quiet they are and (their) great performance as well.”

The City of Surrey is one of the key partners in the Emotive campaign and they have showed a commitment to EV’s in several other ways as well.

“We just recently completed our community energy and emissions plan which is just rolling out,” says Desautels. “We are going to be implementing over the next number of years and within Surrey we have recently installed 15 charging stations within the city including a number at the new city hall as well.”

As the public’s knowledge of EV’s deepens and the technology becomes more accepted, they are becoming a viable option to replace gasoline-powered vehicles.

“People are excited about the feel and experience of driving electric cars and thats what gets people interested in the cars themselves,” says Charlotte Argue. “People seem to be pretty keen to find out more.”

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