Port Coquitlam Embraces the Walking Life

mvconnectHover2Improved walking and cycling paths in Port Coquitlam  brings benefits to the community, including improved health and opportunities to support local business. Learn how the municipality is rolling out a host of new and upgraded facilities in the city.

Metro Vancouver is improving air quality in the region by promoting walking as a form of transportation. The city of Port Coquitlam is addressing this goal in their recent transportation master plan.

“The projects we’re undertaking in Port Coquitlam are a result of resident input into surveys and local outreach that we’ve done,” says Councillor Brad West, who sits on the city’s Transportation Solutions Committee. “People wanted to see more connectivity, particularly for pedestrians and cyclists.”

“What we did was identify corridors in our city where people wanted to move around,” explains Port Coquitlam mayor Greg Moore. “Was it missing sidewalks, missing bike routes, bus linkages not being there, so we tried to identify those first and now we are in a strategy of implementing those.”

“We have plans to improve all the things that encourage people to use their own two feet to move,” adds West.

Pedestrian signals will be installed at Coast Meridian at Apel Drive, Coast Meridian at Coquitlam Avenue, and Prairie Avenue at Regina Street.

“One of the things we do really well in Port Coquitlam is we have a lot of connections that aren’t based on roads,” says Moore. “We have 47 kilometres of pathways in our community. So you can get all around on your bike or on foot without actually sharing a road with a car.”

The recently completed Donald Park walkway is a well-used example of pedestrian-focused transportation improvements.

“We’ve extended the width of it, allowed bikes to be able to use it, improved the safety of it, the lighting of it, and that allows it to be used particularly by seniors who live in the area,” says Councillor West.

Mayor Moore believes the improvements do more than just make it easier to walk or bike.

“When you’re able to walk around, you just have a happier life. You bump into people that you know. You’re more likely to stop in a store and do some shopping. It just creates a better sense of community.”

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