Burnaby Celebrates Environment Week

mvconnectHover2Burnaby celebrated Canadian Environment Week with a festival focused on sustainability topics. From wildlife protection to waste management, see how this week-long event helped residents learn how they can help protect the local environment.

A trio of musicians serenades the crowd at Burnaby City Hall. It’s part of the fun during the city’s Environment Festival on June 8, 2014, but there’s  also a chance to dive into some serious topics.

Natural areas and wildlife are profoundly impacted by human activity, so educating citizens can help improve that interaction. The City of Burnaby brought their environmental partners together to share their knowledge with the public.

“The whole point of Environment Festival and Environment Week is to just raise awareness of Burnaby’s environmental legacy and also to raise awareness about environmental sustainability,” explains Mark Sloat, an environmental planner with the city.

Some of the festival booths focus on the benefits of individual actions like recycling, choosing tap water over bottled, or commuting by bike. Others tackle issues of importance such as the impact of pipelines on the local environment, or showcase animals under threat and the efforts being made to ensure their survival.

“It’s a chance for people to participate and find out there are others just like them,” says Burnaby mayor Derek Corrigan. “It’s also an opportunity for people to do something positive.”

The public had a chance to learn about environmental policies that the City of Burnaby is developing. They also got the opportunity to join a guided tour of a nesting colony of great blue herons near Deer Lake Park.

Sloat likes the way the event helps people find ways to contribute to an overall solution.

“It’s great to see people educating themselves and empowering themselves to make these little decisions that can contribute to the broader goals of sustainability.”

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