Port Coquitlam Embraces Community Wide Garage Sale

mvconnectHover2A garage sale is a great way to keep material out of the landfill, as useful items find new owners rather than get thrown away. And in Port Coquitlam, the whole town gets into the act with the annual Spring City-wide garage sale.

Port Coquitlam residents like getting outside in the fresh air. But once a year they bring their belongings outside too. Every spring they create a community event with their city-wide garage sale.

“Each year the city of Port Coquitlam has a garage sale,” explains Mayor Greg Moore. “Where we ask our residents that if they want to reduce their belongings that they put it out for sale on this day. We collect that information and put it on Google Maps so people can find all the houses participaint. So it’s effective, and the sellers get more people coming past their door.”

The event encourages Port Coquitlam residents to rethink what goes into the waste stream while they empty out their garages and closets.

“Doing our Community Garage Sale is part of our waste loss challenge,” says Mayor Moore. “So it’s a constant conversation we are having with the community and this is a highlight that reminds people that what they think of as garbage might be someone else’s treasure.”

This year marks the sixth year of the City Wide Garage Sale. With close to 200 homes holding sales, and many more shoppers the event also creates a great opportunity for community engagement.

“It creates a vibrancy around the community,” notes Moore.

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