Electric Vehicle Tour Showcases Plug-in Potential

mvconnectHover2A recent tour of electric vehicle infrastructure took delegates from City Hall to Granville Island, to see how docking stations are meeting the needs of fleet, car share, and private EV owners.

In the City of Vancouver, delegates attending the Livable Cities Forum are learning about the burgeoning framework for electric vehicles in BC.

“Today we are going to look at the different infrastructure that has been installed,” explains Charlotte Argue, the program coordinator for the Plug-in Electric Vehicle Project. “BC in the Canadian context is one of the leading provinces in terms of supporting electric vehicles and infrastructure.”    

The delegates then drove EV’s on a tour of different charging stations around Vancouver. The tour stopped at Vancouver City Hall where the delegates got to test out the chargers

“It’s an example of stations that are being used for city fleet car sharing fleet as well as general public,” says Argue. “So the other 2 spots there are open to anyone who wants to come in and get a charge”

The group also went to Granville Island where a restaurant installed an electric car charging station that costs nothing to use. This event has allowed delegates from elsewhere to understand more about the benefits of creating infrastructure and incentives to encourage electric vehicle ownership.    


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