Richmond Students Play Leading Role in Earth Day Event

mvconnectHover2David Suzuki was the keynote speaker for this high school event produced by student leaders. Learn why events like these can facilitate knowledge transfer and create enduring solutions by forging bonds between youth and the community at large.

Robert McMath Secondary was the gathering point for an Earth Day summit organized by Richmond youth.

“Ready summit is youth led event,” explains Jamie Ng, Co-Chair of the Earth Day Youth Summit. “We are aiming for youth because they are the next generation and we are trying to connect them with green and sustainability (issues).”

The keynote speaker was David Suzuki.

“Congratulations to the youth of Richmond for taking part in this event and especially the ambassadors who have worked so hard making this event possible,” said Suzuki. “Once we recognize that we show gratitude, we are grateful to mother earth and what she provides us and I think we become more thoughtful about the way that we live.”

“These are the leaders of tomorrow, said Mayor Malcolm Brodie. “They organize the Earth Day youth summit. They do a great job and they engage in conversations and they think about why  the environment is important.”

Fifteen workshops covered topics like barn owls, sustainable businesses, cedar trees, the Fraser River and natural medicines. Some sessions had simple messages, while others featured experts with volumes of information about the environment.

The City of Richmond is involved in sustainability, whether it is looking at energy consumption, types of energy we use, or transportation,” explains Brodie. It is up to the city to support the youth activities that are going to support and enhance the environment going forward.”

“The goal is to teach people about sustainability, but also to connect Richmond,” says Ng. “By going to the youth summit which allows youth and adults to talk, we are hoping that they will be more connected and there will be more green initiatives happening in the future”



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