Lulu Speaker Series Highlights Art and Infrastructure

mvconnectHover2‘Art is everywhere you look for it’ said the famous painter El Greco. But do you expect to find beauty at a sewage treatment plant? See how the City of Richmond’s Lulu Speaker Series showcases the ways public art and infrastructure can work together.

The monthly Lulu speaker series in Richmond focuses on the role of the arts in connecting citizens with their community.

“The Lulu Series was designed as a series of lectures by people from all walks of the art world, from art and design and administrators to bring a focus to the importance of art in all our lives,” says Jane Fernyhough, Director of Arts, Culture and Heritage Services for the City of Richmond. “So art in the public realm, but not just public art.”

The event starts with a performance, as a slam poet shares his energetic riff on riding public transit. Then there’s a guest speaker who talks about the role of art in infrastructure.

“This is Cath Brunner’s second time here,” explains Fernyhough. “She’s going to be talking about the integration of art into big infrastructure projects. She does things like wastewater and sewage treatment plants, detention ponds, and some transportation structures in King County (Washington).

Brunner, who is the director of the King County Public Art Program, explains how glass was recycled into a giant sculpture for the Bow Lake Transfer Station in Tukwila, Washington.

“I think it certainly raises the awareness of what public art can do,” says Fernyhough. “It’s changed thinking on how art can be integrated into a community. I think for our city staff and for city staff from other communities it has certainly raised the bar for their thinking on how art and artists can be integrated into projects.”

Learn more on the Lulu Series web page.

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