A Fresh Start for An Urban Waterway

mvconnectHover2After a hundred years of industry and development pressure, work on the Brunette River Greenway brings new life to this urban waterway. See how ongoing work to clean up the river and build new amenities will benefit people and native species alike.

“There is fish in there and we want to improve the habitat for them,” says Adam Vasilevich, landscape architect and planner for Metro Vancouver. “This area has been active for over a hundred years with industry and urban development, so we are trying to repair some of that.”

Crews are working on the Brunette River’s final stretch, where it meets the Fraser River. It’s a highly industrialized area below Brunette Avenue and the Sapperton Skytrain station.

“There’s a lot of invasive species that have taken over the native species and out competed them,” explains Vasilevich. “So we are going to remove them, bring back the native species and actually bring back the plants that were here for the fish and the wildlife so they will have a better habitat, a better place to live.”

The work promises to bring a better experience for humans too.

“We are actually removing a lot of concrete waste, tires, those sorts of things out of the river,” says Vasilivech. “And stabilizing the bank so we can build a greenway that’s a lot safer for people as well. It might not look like a typical park that people are used to, but you will be able to access the river. It’s a long term plan and this is definitely the first step.”

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