Vancouver Police Cars Power Down for Clean Air and Cost Savings

mvconnectHover2Over 30% of Metro Vancouver’s greenhouse gases come from passenger vehicles ..and in Vancouver, new police cars are helping reduce that number with devices that reduce engine idle time while allowing electronics to operate without risk of a flat battery.

Over the next 3 years the VPD will be transitioning their 170 patrol cars into new more fuel efficient vehicles.

“This new technology is called the idle management system and what it enables the officer to do is leave on all the emergency equipment but switch the engine off,” says Rob Rothwell, fleet services manager for the VPD.  “And when it dips below the threshold an autostart feature will allow it to run for 10 or so minutes to refresh the battery.”

The idle management system is part of a larger initiative to reduce fuel use by the force.

“We are migrating away from the large V8-powered Ford Crown Victoria police car to the Dodge Charger, which is a V6-powered car, so immediately we are noticing a 17% increase in fuel economy,” says Rothwell.

According to Rothwell, increased fuel efficiency will translate into huge savings as well as other benefits.

“Over the course of a year we consume 850,000 litres of fuel, so any incremental steps we can take to reduce that consumption is important financially but also very important to the atmosphere and ecology in and around Vancouver.”

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