Langley Township City Hall Looks Skyward for Savings

mvconnectHover2In Metro Vancouver almost one-third of greenhouse gasses come from heating and cooling of homes, businesses and institutions. At Langley Townships’ municipal hall, solar panels are cutting greenhouse gas emissions and serving as a example for home builders.

The township of Langley Recently installed a set of Solar Panels on the roof of their municipal hall. Ryan Schmidt, Community Energy Manager for the Township of Langley explains how they work.

“So the solar panels collect energy from the sun, transfer that energy to a heat transfer medium or glycol which flows through a heat exchanger and the heat is transferred to the building’s water supply.

Even during the winter, the effect of the solar panels has been significant.

“In January of 2014, we recorded a greater than 50 percent reduction in natural gas consumption here at our Municipal Hall as a result of those upgrades,” says Schmidt.

“The Township of Langley wants to be a leader in energy efficient buildings in the region.

“It helps to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and that’s what we all are trying to achieve,” says township mayor Jack Froese. “It’s government taking leadership so that other businesses can see what we’re doing and they follow suit.”

The Township has also created incentives for energy efficient construction projects.

“So in January, the Township of Langley launched Metro Vancouver’s first Building Permit Rebate Program for energy efficient new homes,” explains Schmidt. “Future phases of the program will explore incentives for energy efficient new commercial buildings, renovations and alternative energy systems such as the one we have installed here on Municipal Hall.”

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