Kwantlen Movie Night Gives Green Ideas a Starring Role

mvconnectHover2When we view waste as a resource then it just makes sense to divert it from the waste stream.  In the City of Langley, that’s the type of ah-ha moments that are happening at a regular environmental movie night at Kwantlen Polytechnic University

People are coming for Green Movie Night, in the hopes of understanding more about waste reduction.

“Green Wednesdays is where we show films that are about the environment or about social justice,” explains Doreen Dewell, president of the Green Ideas Network. “And then we have a discussion afterward.”

Kwantlen Polytechnic University plays a large role in making the Green Ideas nights possible.

“The University itself provides the space and the forum at no charge to the Green Wednesday group,” says Kwantlen instructor Betty Cunnin. “They support us with advertising, publishing materials around that, so it’s really an indirect partnership between the Green Ideas Network and the school.”

“This is our sixth year of doing Green Wednesdays,” adds Cunnin. “And there are a few people who have been here since we first started. But it is still a diversity of people from the community and from the college. For some people it’s the first time they’re really looking at these ideas in a rigorous and engaged community level.”

Cunnin provides an example of the local changes the event has inspired.

“The Langley’s Farmer’s Market started because of a Green Wednesday.  Part of the conversation was, hey, we should have our own Farmer’s Market.”

“We encourage people to go out and find their own solutions for stuff or take ideas from what they have learned.” says Dewell. “And then incorporate them in their own lives or in their community and that is happening.”


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  1. Does Kwantlen still sell plastic water bottles from vending machines? You could divert lots of plastic from the waste stream by banning plastic water bottles. Oh, wait, Coca Cola owns those machines and has donated money to the school. I guess they won’t be going anywhere soon…

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