Langley Events Centre Scores Zero Waste Goals

mvconnectHover2The Langley Events Centre is home to local sports and events… and an innovative zero waste effort. See how the city, players, staff, and spectators team up to reduce waste in every facet of the building’s operation, right down to the dryer lint!

The Langley Events Centre has recently become the first mid-size arena with a zero waste designation.

“It’s definitely when we have events, when we have games, when we have concerts and other functions that the waste is either created from within our building because we’re selling the products we’re creating or we’re doing banquets,” says Jamie Rennie, Director of Facility Operations for the Langley Events Centre, “or it’s products that are coming from the outside and coming into the facility.”

After an audit of the event centre’s waste they developed a comprehensive plan to address it. Rennie explains the process.

“So, with the the assistance of the Township and consultants, we were able to bring a program right through to starting up this past September 2013, that we implemented three different streams that the public have access to: Single stream, garbage stream and then also an organic stream.”

People using the new zero waste stations receive guidance from station attendants and there is also educational signage with the centre’s star athletes.

“We’ve tried to use those team members that, you know the kids idolize, they look up to as role models,” says Tess White, the Township of Langley Solid Waste Coordinator. “So for things like their hockey sticks, when they’re broken and they’re fixable we get them to donate those to, you know, like smaller children’s leagues.”

White points out that they are looking at every aspect of the facility for opportunities to green the building’s operations.

“Right into our laundry rooms, so the dryer lint, for example, has to be composted. It’s you know, cotton material, so even our staff that are washing the guys’ jerseys, they’re composting for us.”

The Langley Events Centre is a prime example of Langley’s focus on corporate sustainability.

“Part of our core mandate is to have a sustainable township,” says Mayor Jack Froese. “I think we have to take leadership. When people come to a game they’re seeing it, they’re doing it. It starts in our public facilities so that it’s an easier transition when we have to change at home.”


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