Richmond District Energy

mvconnectHover2It generates heat and financial savings! The Richmond District Energy facility uses geothermal heat to service hundreds of homes in the West Cambie area. See how 390 wells, 200 feet underground, harness the earth’s energy to reduce ghg emissions.

The City of Richmond is celebrating the first anniversary of its district energy system, where free energy is extracted from the ground to provide heat for hundreds of nearby homes in Richmond’s West Cambie area.

“The amount we have serviced right now is probably over 500 units,” says John Irving, Director of Engineering for the City of Richmond. “We have two buildings right now that have hooked up, one’s being serviced for almost a year now and the other one’s just getting occupied now, the Remi.”

The energy comes from here, where 390 closed wells each extend 250 feet below the surface. The earth’s warmth is drawn into them and carried by a fluid that loops through to this control centre, then out to neighbourhood condominiums. Irving explains why the project was launched.

“When we look at the totality of energy use in the community and specifically energy use that generates greenhouse gases, a very significant component of that is in buildings.”

Almost no pollution or greenhouse gasses are created with this system, which is capable of expansion to serve 3000 homes. Additional district energy systems are planned in Richmond City Centre and Oval Village.

“It’s a whole new way of doing business and it’s a great step forward for the community,” says Irving.  “It feels great to be doing something that’s having a global beneficial impact as well.”

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