Burnaby Eco Centre Grand Opening

Burnaby Eco Centre Grand Opening from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

A single location, but lots of recycling options. That’s the attraction of the new Burnaby Eco Centre, where nearly anything can be recycled. See how the facility makes it easier for residents to dispose of household waste in an eco-friendly fashion.

Tis the season for consumerism.   Toys of every shape, size and description. Kitchen items – small appliances, gadgets, cookware. Electronics, both big… and small….

You name it, whatever we buy to give as presents at Christmastime, it all comes with packaging… lots of packaging.

And usually, that packaging ends up at the transfer station, and eventually in the landfill.  But in Burnaby, that is starting to change, with the grand opening of the Burnaby Eco Centre.

Mayor Derek Corrigan is on hand for the event.

“This is an auspicious occasion, the opening of our new eco centre, the first eco centre anywhere in the lower mainland and we’re so proud it was right here in Burnaby.”

The city of Burnaby held an open house to celebrate the opening of its new eco centre, where people can bring almost anything to be recycled. Dipak Dattani, the city’s Assistant Director of Engineering explains how the centre offers increased convenience.

“The new eco centre in Burnaby allows residents to bring in, it’s a one stop shop it allows residents to bring in paper, plastics, styrofoam, used oil, propane tanks, motor oil, cooking oil. anti freeze, and even your yard waste.”

Residents have been quick to embrace the idea.  The  convenience of having one place to bring everything is the key attraction, including Styrofoam, which has in the past been difficult to recycle.

Burnaby’s eco centre has been designed as a model of sustainability, starting with the actual building materials.

“The timbers that you see up here that are reused from and old school in Burnaby,” says Dittoing. “So, we’re trying to promote reuse constantly in what you see in our eco centre today. It’s been fantastic to see them reused.”

Soon there will be a demonstration garden to educate residents about the practice of composting. It will utilize rainwater for irrigation.

“So all of the water collected at the eco centre that falls as rain is collected from the roof into the cistern,” says City of Burnaby Environmental Engineer Kel Coulson. “It comes down into the swale and why that’s really important is we want to slow the water before it goes into still creek, and keep the quality very high.

An open house isn’t complete without live music, hot dogs and a cake, but it was clear by the looks on peoples’ faces that what really attracted them here today was the convenience of not only cleaning out their garages and closets, but also knowing that none of this is going to the landfill.

As Mayor Corrigan addresses the crowd, he points out that the facility can serve a purpose beyond simply recycling.

“I hope that all of you make this eco centre an important part of your life and most importantly that you teach your children that recycling is part of being a responsible citizen.”

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