Love Food Hate Waste – The global food waste scandal and what you can do about it

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Tristram Stuart’s food waste awakening came in his teen years, a by-product of his decision to raise pigs for pocket money (see below). The awareness he gained regarding the scale of the problem became the catalyst for Stuart’s prize-winning book, Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal (Penguin, 2009) and the creation of Feedback, an NGO which works to change social attitudes, demonstrate innovative solutions, and tackle food waste at the global scale. In this guest post, Stuart highlights the key issues that create food waste and suggests tactics individuals can employ to be part of the solution. Continue reading

Commissioning of Twin Tunnels Marks Completion of Seymour-Capilano Filtration Project

 After more than ten years of underground and surface construction, Twin Tunnels beneath Grouse Mountain and Mount Fromme on the North Shore are now commissioned, marking the completion of the $820-million Seymour-Capilano Filtration Project. Watch the video to witness some of the notable events and construction milestones for this massive project.

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Metro Vancouver Launches Love Food – Hate Waste Campaign to Reduce Residential Food Waste

LFHW logoOn Thursday, May 7, Metro Vancouver announced the launch of a three-year campaign to reduce the amount of avoidable food waste residents are generating in their households. The goal of the campaign is to reduce household avoidable food and liquid waste by 10% by the year 2018.

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Chair Update – Housing + Transportation: A New Way of Thinking about Affordability

Discussions about housing affordability in our region are a regular part of life. In fact, the situation is often described as a crisis. The #donthave1million campaign on Twitter recently started in Vancouver and soon went viral, illustrating how top-of-mind housing affordability is for Metro Vancouver residents.

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Metro Vancouver Close Up – Maple Ridge Guides Growth with Targeted Development Incentives

Metro Vancouver Close Up logoEffective use of land is key to a prosperous urban region and in Metro Vancouver, two keystone areas are town centres and industrial – also known as ‘employment lands’. Maple Ridge is contributing to these regional priorities by offering a range of development incentives in both its town centre and employment lands.

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Metro Vancouver Close Up – WaterCity Looks to the Future

Metro Vancouver Close Up logoWhat does our water system look like twenty-five years from now? That’s the big picture under discussion at WaterCity, as citizens imagine water’s role in the region in the future. Community events like this give a voice to individuals and foster dialogue, but how do cities best use this information to plan?

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Circular Economy Innovation the Focus for April 29 Sustainability Dialogue Livestream Event


Want to learn more about the circular economy and how industry and government are fostering growth for this transformative concept? Don’t miss Metro Vancouver’s Sustainability Dialogue on April 29th. It’s your opportunity to hear from some leading experts on this trending topic. You can attend in person (registration information below), or watch via livestream from 8am to 10am.

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